Friday, September 26, 2008

My analysis of the first Debate-McCain slight edge


I saw the whole debate. McCain gives the impression of a seasoned and accomplished giant. Both McCain & Obama did better than I thought. Obama has tried hard to cut down his stuttering.

Obama was expected to be a better speaker, younger & more energetic & he did, I try to be objective.

Halfway into it, I was a little worried McCain was not going to go on the offensive. McCain did better from the segment on Iran on, he's more in control.
His favorite phrase is,"What Sen. obama did not understand is..." Effective!
obama favorire phrase is,"Sen. mcCain was right....", which only validates McCain's points.
McCain was able to make Obama sounds a bit naive but obama is quick quick to think on his feet.
McCain clearly implied he is the MUCH MORe experienced, and Obama could say nothing to counter that, because he is.

McCain scored when he accused Obama of compiling "the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate" and that he has 930 million pork barrel spending, that Obama is "a recent convert to spending cuts", that Obama cut funding for troops..
Obama several times interrupted McCain, kind of rude, that will reduce his standing & respect in eyes of voters.
I am convinced that voters not only look at issues, but also the demeander. Obama at times come across a bit cocky. McCain’s refusal to look directly at Obama is a slight negative.

Obama scored points in corporate loopholes, tax breaks for oil companies (not sure exactly the words), because McCain failed to rebut. Maybe because of his age, McCain lost some points by not willing or quick to rebut all charges. He could have done a better job to rebut the charge that he wants tax cut for rich and that he voted 90% with Bush. McCain could have exposed Obama's connection to Fannie Mae and how he got 2nd largest contribution from it. Missed opportunity!
Obama could not & did not rebut McCain's statement that there is no time for "on the job training."

What kind of handlers & "experts" McCain had to coach him. sigh.

Lastly, just as with Reagan, McCain actually adopted a little humor, with usually is smart thing to do. He said,"and I don't even have the Presidential seal."
Overall, no knockout punch by either side. overall, considered age, McCain scored somewhat better than Obama. In aspect of experience, McCain scored MUCH batter than Obama. One media commentator afterwards call it," A tie". To me, a tie is a win for McCain, in light of media's liberal bias.

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