Monday, September 15, 2008

Biden's Generosity (the lack thereof) in Charitable Giving

By: SW

Americans are generous in giving to the needy. Each year million of dollars are given by ordinary citizens to help the poor. We Christians would of course make offering to our churches and other Christian organziations.

A person's charitable giving is a powerful testament of the person's character. Let me show you Senator Joe Biden's charitable giving in the past 10 years, taken from his tax returns:

Mind you, the amounts listed under "Giving" are actuall dollars. That is right, Senator Joe Biden gives just a few hundred dollars a year, or about 0.15%, of his 6-digit annual income to the needy. Many elderly folks I know, who are on welfare, give more than a few hundred dollars each year to charity.

When people like Biden talks about caring for the sick and the poor, only one word comes to my mind: hyprocricy.

Senator, how about talking less and giving more!?

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