Thursday, September 18, 2008

BREAKING! Hacker of Palin's email identified as son of Democratic State Representative!- TN


Like father, like son.

Obama supporter Mike Kernell, Democrat state representative from Tennessee (and active member of Obama’s Tennessee campaign), confirmed his son David Kernell, student at University of Tennessee-Knoxville, hacked into Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account to help Obama’s struggling campaign. This ought to be BIG in the evening news! Is it?

A well-informed Tennessee radio host stated , “He is an extremely left wing Rep. from Memphis. He has been a state rep. for a long time and never had a real job.”

The hacker has been contacted by authorities in connection with a probe, Kernell confirmed.

I wouldn’t be surprised the father wanted to snoop & pry, but he knew his son is the computer wizard who would be able to dig dirt! Time will tell. I hope they throw the book at him and by no means let him off easy.
Good job, idiot, your heroic effort now REALLY helps your party!

To be CLEAR, at this point no charges have been filed.

Kernell hoped to find political information he could pass to the Obama camp, or anything he could embarrass Palin with by posting all over the Internet. It was his intent to neutralize Palin or force her off the ticket by finding damaging personal information that would win the election for Obama. Proves we have been saying that the Obama camp must be DESPERATE!


Imagine if a supporter of Palin has hacked Biden's email account! Wow! the MSM will be talking for many days!

Kernell hacked Palin’s email by patiently tricking Yahoo to give up Palin’s password: he answered repetitive security questions about Palin’s birthday, zip code, etc. until Yahoo allowed him into Palin’s account. Then, he changed Palin’s password to “popcorn”. Get it? David Kernell…”popcorn”. What a clever, clever boy!

Yeah, the smartaleck might be fdoing time in federal prison for cybercrimes, this is a FELONY!

Word to the wise: if you are using Yahoo for email, you might want to switch to something more secure. If Kernell was able to hack into Palin’s account using public-knowledge about her, just imagine what someone who actually knows you could do to your own account.

You can reach Mike Kernell and let him know what you think of his son and at the following:

D - Memphis
District 93 - Part of Shelby County
University of Memphis area

Phone (901) 454-1113

This is public information. Do not curse or threaten

Nashville office
Phone (615) 741-3726
Fax (615) 253-0320

UPDATE: Here’s what David Kernell, the hacker, had to say for himself:

Earlier it was just some prank to me, I really wanted to get something incriminating which I was sure there would be, just like all of you anon out there that you think there was some missed opportunity of glory, well there WAS NOTHING, I read everything, every little blackberry confirmation… all the pictures, and there was nothing, and it finally set in, THIS internet was serious business, yes I was behind a proxy, only one, if this shit ever got to the FBI I was fucked, I panicked, i still wanted the stuff out there but I didn’t know how to rapidshit all that stuff, so I posted the pass on /b/, and then promptly deleted everything, and unplugged my internet and just sat there in a comatose state.

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