Monday, September 22, 2008

Comment on McCain owning 13 cars


First his # of houses, now # of cars!
smacks of Socialism by a guy who envyies those richer!
I think Cindy McCain's name is on 11 of them

And the point is what? That McCain's rich wife bought &/or coowned 11-13 cars, but Obama's gangster friend Tony Rezko only bought Obama 1, a MILLION $ Mansion
I have not done the Math, Obama's 1 mansion may cost MORE than McCains' 13 cars, most are pretty modest cars!

I guess I have all rights to whine here how out of touch Nobama is since I cannot afford a Mansion like his!

Obama only switched to the hybrid after he got lambasted for being a hypocrite and giving a speech in Detroit about American cars being gas guzzlers.

Why is this an issue? Am I out of touch because if say someone is a single man who owns 5 vehicles? Who is he to tell Americans what they should, or should not own? How we wish to spend our money on?

Should you feel guilty for going to Las Vegas 3 or 4 times a year and spending your OWN money on luxury Hotels?
How many jets does Kennedy have? How many guns or underwear does Biden owns?

Are you kidding? This is such a waste of space, to be even discussing this thing, while Rome burns! While the Credit Crises spreading & worsening!

Are the Demorats' press so desperate in looking for ammo against McCain that they have to snoop into how many cars he OWNED, as if it's a crime or that he should be ashamed of himself?

My nice neighbor has about 5-6 cars on his driveway, but so what? More power to him!

I don't remember any articles on john kerry's houses or cars, do you?
The last presidential election was in 2004.
Any nosey reporter tell the world that Keery was the richest Senator?

McCain may have many cars, but for the most part, they are pretty modest vehicles.

And with the exception of the truck, they're not high on gas.

Maybe if Nobama would flew commercial instead of jet setting around in the private plane, he could afford a second car.

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