Friday, September 12, 2008

Gallup Poll: Congressional race deadheat


The Democrats' lead over Republicans in this fall's congressional races has evaporated and they are now in a statistical dead heat with Republicans, a new USA Today/Gallup poll reveals.
Usually in the past, when one party wins the Presidency, the other party wins the Congress, but will there be a coattail effects because the the popularity of Gov. Palin?

Kinda looks that way today, though too early to tell.

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arch said...

I am a Chinese Christian... maybe a conservative one.

It seems like this "Christian" blog is all about trashing democrat. Another Fox news perhaps? The blog has done an excellent job at point out all the media those talks against democrats. And republican is better? the so called conservative Christians elected Bush.. which u support from your open sharing… 2 trillions USD… killing 4000 US and ¼ million Iraqis… displacing 1 million Iraqis…. for no legit reasons…. Would u like to tell the Iraqis that “according to bible God loves u and we should love u but I have to kill u and yr family and fds because this is God’s plan”.. and are u 100% sure its God’s plan? Using old testaments? If God wants to use war to finish matters.. either Jesus didn’t have to come.. or Jesus would have raised an army and killed everybody. Love yr neighbors? Spread gospels to all the earth? Maybe we can choose who love and don’t.

The Iraq war was right? It’s from God? Does it fulfill God's intention? If it does.. why u and the rest of the Christians in the world wouldn’t march into Iraq and shot ppl... to full fill "his vision right?" Would God wants to ask a non Christian country with non Christian soldiers to fulfill his deep desire plan while having the Christians sitting at home and enjoying the killing from the TV? We should be enjoying and celebrating if its God plan…just as we celebrate when a Christian pass away. Can u do that? I can understand when a Christian question the war and oppose.. .. don’t know how u can favor a war. Jesus and disciples contain no instructions that we should strike an enemy… Jesus could have take out Rome back than.. finished…. History changed.. but he didn’t… there is a reason for new testament.. of course I can think of many ways to argue using old testament.. Babylon.. all the wars… why and why God didn’t instruct us about war in new testament…. There has to be reason..

Obama was one of the few that actually questioned the war and object the war because there wasn’t enough evidence.…. Maccain was the one who agreed with the war even “0” evidence of link to Al queda.. no WMD…. And Parlin talks about the iraq war is part of God’s plan… as If God instructed this plan….

What have this world came to? What have Christians came to….

When I see God.. I want to say.. I did my best to love ppl and adhere to yr instructions.. if I went against yr will.. forgive me.. I rather to take the blame for not supporting these holy killings than thinking I am the righteous.. I don’t want to kill innocent.. by supporting the war.. U ARE EFFECTIVELY KILLING SOMEONE