Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is the rumor that Obama plans to dump Biden as VP true?


For weeks, for a 1000 times, emails been going around, sent by somebody claiming to have inside information at the DNC that the Democrat National Committee and Obama have gotten together and they have decided to get rid of Biden

October 5th is the day that they're going to get rid of Biden, and the reason they're going to get rid of him -- the excuse that they will use -- is that Biden will declare a medical emergency of some kind. You know, he once had an aneurysm that they caught in time and were able to surgery on.

Now at first I was skeptical of this rumor. Maybe they want the voters NOt to become loyal to McCain ticket, that "Hey, Hillary or someone else might replace useless, old Biden!"

Now Biden is long known to put his big foot in his mouth, but lately there has been so many gaffs & mistakes or are some of them PLANNED?
Have they decided they MUST draft Hillary as VP or they will lose?
Time will tell
Today Biden out there criticizing one of Obama's own ads!
This maybe unp[precedented!

And this is the ad that attacked McCain for not being computer-savvy, being so out of touch, and of course we learned later that McCain can't use a keyboard because of his injuries.
Can you remember l the last time that a VP criticizing an ad run by his presidential candidate?
So I begin to feel perhaps there's something to this rumor.

What will be the EFFECT & IMPACt if Hillary got into VP slot?
It'll be mixed
It will delight & electrify her supporters but then it would shake up voter's confidence in Obama!
Is he capable of standing up on his own two feet? Where's his judgement? Why this last minute huge flip flop?
At the end, it might not be a net gain for Obama. .

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