Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MUST READ! America is becoming a Socialist State - what Obama wants to CHANGE it to

By: RK

Many years ago, I warned people on the radio that socialism has crept into America, little by little. It's called Fabian socialism or creeping socialism. We follow the heels of Socialist Canada.

Yes, we still have a capitalist system, but it's corrupted with every passing week. Read on & you will know more than 90% of Americans on this!

”The federal government now owns 80% of AIG. That means that you are going to be propping up AIG to insures me.“That’s robbing Peter to pay Paul, that’s socialism! It’s highway robbery!

If I reach my hand in your pocket & take your wallet, that’s called theft. If the government reach into your back pocket while you are not watching & takes your money, that’s called “funding social programs, entitlements, helping the poor, baling out AIG, etc. It’s ALL legal & they do it every day and we allow & approves it! Obama is for equal distribution of wealth, a Marxist doctrine.

We have a socialist retirement system, a socialist health care system and under Obama or Hillary , it will become a nightmarish health care system!
If you compare the platform of the old socialist party and the Democratic party today, there is not that much difference!

Communism is Red, Socialism is pink!

Communism says,” Let’s kill, maim, bomb, riot…”

Socialism, says,” No, let’s dress up the old hippies & radicals in a suit, train them in Harvard, and vote them in thorough the ballot box”

They will Change America from within, like a Trojan horse!

Do you know that “Change” is a key buzz word in the socialist lexicon?

Read any socialist papers, you will notice their slogan,” Change”

Do you know we already have socialists in Congress? Have you heard of Rep. Sanders of Vermont?

Nancy Pelosi & other congressmen came from a socialist Democratic group!

Barack Obama is at least a dedicated socialist, who was raised a Marxist, mentored by a Marxist, surrounded himself by Marxists, communists, hang out with Marxists, supported by Marxists!

He is in that sense a Manchurian candidate!

Yes, he PLANS to change America into the United Socialist States of America,
USSA! Be warned. He is the MOST DANGEROUS candidate ever run for the Presidency!

McCain may not be an angel himself, and I have serious differences with him, but by contrast to Obama, he appears to be.

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