Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obama has been sued that he is not eligible to run for Presiendent- not a natural-born citizen


Is Obama A Natural Born Citizen?
You might think this is far-fetched. Read on with open mind

Which media you know has reported the following? Where is Gibson on this important development?

Philip Berg, a respected Democrat & Pennsylvania's former deputy attorney general, has filed a lawsuit against obama , alleging that he lied about his birth place, thus making him ineligible to be the President.

The charge: Obama is NOT even born in the US, therefore could not run for the Presidency.

Notice how Obama camp would typically react to any criticism, rumor, within hours or a day. It's been weeks since the suit and there is SILENCE from the Obama camp.

Do you know that Obama to this day has NEVER released the original birth certificate, allegedly from Hawaii? Would it not be easy for him to put this "rumor" to silence by producing this document? Why wouldn't he?

All he has produced is supposed to be a copy of a certificate of live birth, but 3 experts who have seen it (posted at Obama's website) said it has been altered.
See details & evidence in
There has been over 6 million hits to his website since launched about 2 weeks ago!

Could this part of the October surprise?

He was either born in Kenya or somewhere overseas and brought to Hawaii when he was four days old. His mother telephoned a fake birth notice to the Honolulu paper so it would look like he was born in the US.

We do not know where his real birth certificate is or what it says. The Certificate of Live Birth on his website is fraudulent. Whether there exists a true birth certificate with his true place of birth is unknown.

That's not all, Obama "lost" his Illinois Senate records, made his Columbia transcript "unavailable" and submitted a one page letter from a Dr. in place of his full medical records.
How the reporters tried to persistently crticize McCain's vetting process for Palin, fact is Obama is the LEAST vetted candidate for POTUS in US history!

After years, there's still so much we do not know about this man.

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