Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rebuttal to the blame America crowd- Iraq and high oil price


I don't like war, but it's NAIVE to think you can just sit & negotiate with the terrorists! Imagine if US had not go all out against Al Quaida, I would not be surprised we would have been hit again.
Why do you think a bully in school pick on a scrawny little kid and not the big 6 feet tall 160 pounds boy? He perceives weakness in the skinny boy!

Following 9/11, polls showed that Americans overwhelmingly expected another attack within six months to a year. We have not had another attack on American soil in the seven years since 9/11.
Let me ask you, would you rather fight the terrorist in Iraq or fight them on US soil?
You say,"All that waste of Billions of $$$$!" Would you have said the same had there been another major attack which killed your family member? You would be all for retribution!

I have no respect for the blame America crowd. In regards to the current economic recession, most can be attributed to the housing slump. Does anybody, except for the most fanatical Bush-hater, blame the President for the housing downturn, the bank failure?

Larry Elder wisely commented on Pelosi's blaming the Bush-Cheney oilmen for the rising oil price.
" But the same "oilmen" remained in the White House during the more than 30 percent decline in prices. For what it's worth, the United States produces almost 7 percent of the world's crude oil supply. So somehow, someway, the greedy oilmen managed to push oil prices to worldwide historic levels, despite controlling only 7 percent of supply."

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