Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rebuttal to those who say biblically Palin as a busy mother should not be V.P.


I heard on a Christian radio show today callers who use the Bible to put down Gov. Palin.

As a student of the Bible for decades, I feel that even though it might not be ideal for a woman with several children to be the VP, it is obvious to the objective mind , it is far MORE offensive to God to have a pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-homosexual marriage candidate like Obama to become the President!

The callers I heard sound very pious, but I would not be surprised if the truth be known, they just want to see the first African American in the white house. If Michelle Obama has special need child, they will drop that reason & be silent!

God loves the homosexual, but he calls the act an abomination!

To have obama in the White house is an Obomination.

Let’s for the sake of argument that Palin’s children will suffer as a result, is it better to have several family members suffer rather than the tens of millions of families out there suffering because of the anti-family, anti-death penalty, pro-tax increase policies of Obama?

Who are we to say that our sovereign God cannot use a woman to energize and reform a party, and even a nation in perilous times like this?

God chose to use a harlot to deliver the 2 spies in Old Testament, he used Deborah to judge Israel because the men would not step up to the plate.

More power to Palin!

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