Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Republican anger at ‘financial socialism-my feelings about taxpayer's bailout


I am glad Congressional Republicans today voiced their strongest objections to date about the Bush administration’s $700bn financial rescue plans, dealing a blow to White House ambitions for them to be quickly approved.

I have some mixed feeling about this and I realize whether we bail out or not, we lose. There is no quick or easy fix. I see MORE problems down the road if we Bail out now & worry later. Bailout is a bandaid on a growing CANCER in our financial system! It is NO cure!

It will kill the taxpayers for GENERATIONS to come! Height of irresponsibility!

This is a bottomless pit!

I say,"Let it rip! Let the chips fall where it may." It will be PAINFUL

Hopefully a true reformer will come in November & investigate and kick BUTTS!

Did you hear that Bush wants to give the Treasury secretary, a Democrat, broad power to spend $200 BILLIONS of taxpayer's hard earned dollars to bail out institutions, at his discretion!!

There ought to be a national outrage!

Why should we the people HAVE to bail out banks & businesses which made mistakes or who were dishonest?

This is CRAZY!

This is nothing but REAL socialism, government owning parts or much of businesses!

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