Saturday, September 20, 2008

The (semi-official) BOYCOTT OPRAH'S ADVERTISERS-pass this on! Action needed


After much thinking, I believe Oprah has been a powerful support behind Obama & his success. More & more people are saying we need to boycott her show & her advertisers.
Every show shudders when a coalition or group plans a boycott of their advertizers, which is their lifeblood.
Most advertisers want to avoid controversies and they rather not unnecessarily offend that many consumers. Suppliers of consumer goods and services tend to live on razor-thin margins - The loss of just a few percent of their customer base can be disastrous for them. Furthermore, if one of their advertising venues is actually driving customers away from them, it becomes an even stronger incentive for them to drop the offending venue. Money talks

Oprah's refusal to interview Palin may be the straw that break's the camel's back. Yet, she is hypocritical in interviwing Obama on her show several times! Consequently, several Republican Women's groups have recommended boycotting Oprah's show. There is power in unity & spreading the word!

One of the easiest ways of doing this is by sending a note to the advertiser's CORPORATE RELATIONS or public relations department. I you could mail along with a sales receipt which shows the purchase of a competing brand, even better. For example, when boycotting McDonald's, you might send a receipt which shows you ate at Burger King instead.

Here's a list of Oprah's TV show advertisers, as listed on her website.

I don't have time to find the website & telephone number of each. If you reprsent a group, church, the more powerful.

Allstate Insurance Company
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Clinique Laboratories, LLC (cosmetics)
767 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10153

The Walt Disney Co.
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Unilever Home & Personal Care USA (makers of Dove products)
33 Benedict Pl.
Greenwich, CT 06830

General Motors Corp.
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265

1100 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Kellogg NA Co.
1 Kellogg Sq.
Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599

Eastman Kodak Co.
343 State St.
Rochester, NY 14650-0505

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald's Dr.
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Pella Corp.
102 Main St.
Pella, IA 50219-2147

Pfizer Inc.
Eastern Point Rd.
Groton, CT 06340

Philosophy (cosmetics)
3809 East Watkins
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Target Corp.
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Verizon Communications
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007

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Anonymous said...

NO doubt she is completely pro-Obama. When Obama's nomiation was announced the TV showed that she was so happy that she was in tears. When explaining why she would not interview Palin, she answered that she could not do that when she is supporting an opposing candidate.