Thursday, September 18, 2008

Will Obama Be the Communist Party's President"?


This will open your eyes to powerful forces behind the scene. Far from being dead, the Communist Party USA is ALIVE & WELL!

While only a few thousand strong, the CPUSA has made significant inroads in the labor unions, the peace movement, black and Latino mass organizations and the Democratic Party.

The CPUSA is strong in some large cities, including Chicago, where Obama came from.

In 1983, the party and its allies from Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), was a driving force behind the election of communist-sympathizer Chicago mayor, the late Harold Washington.

The same organizations that backed Harold Washington-the Communist Party and Democratic Socialists of America are now backing Obama!

They were successful with Harold Washington, so it is no surprise they are using the same tactics with Barack Obama.

Will they succeed in making Barack Obama, the "people's president".
In 1992 the CPUSA and DSA helped elect another sympathizer, Carol M. Braun to the US Senate.

But what most people don't know is that forl years the CPUSA and DSA have supported another Chicago rising star, Obama.

The Harold Washington campaign appears to be almost blueprint for Obama's campaign.

The CPUSA has high hopes for Barack Obama.

The Party still calls their protege, Harold Washington-the "peoples mayor".

Now the CPUSA wants to make Barack Obama, the "people's president".

Joel Wendland, managing editor of the CPUSA's theoretical journal has outlined. Harold Washington's successful campaign and its significance for Barack Obama and America's future in the the latest Political Affair.

He shows how Washington was connected to and supported by many communists like Beatrice Lumpkin, a leader of the Chicago Communist Party. Frank Lumpkin was of course Bea Lumkin's husband. He was also a leader of the Illinois Communist Party.

Danny Davis is a member of Democratic Socialists of America. He and Obama were endorsed by DSA in 1996.
Washington knew he couldn’t rely on the Democratic Party to either win mayoral elections, so he put together a broad coalition odf socialists, communists, leftists, labor activists, multi-ethnic groups together.

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists pressed the Chicago Federation of Labor to endorse Washington during the general election battle. The Coalition of Black trade Unionists is heavily influenced by the Communist Party.

Rudy Lozano was a probable member of the CPUSA. His son Pepe Lozano is now a leader of the Chicago Young Communist League and is a atrong advocate of mobilizing the Latino vote for Barack Obama.

Another unquantifiable part of Washington’s legacy is his enduring influence on national politics. Just about everyone interviewed for this story eventually came around to talking about another emerging Chicagoan – Barack Obama. Perhaps it is no accident that he too talks in broad, hopeful terms about change, reform, and empowering the people to reclaim democracy.

Indeed, is it mere chance that Obama’s main campaign image is a rising sun over a flag and the words “Obama for America”? Those blue buttons that dotted Chicago’s landscape in those exciting days of 1982 and 1983 showed rays of the sun like hope rising above the words “Washington for Chicago.”

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