Thursday, September 18, 2008

ARG Polls Show Danger Signs For Obama - Democrats Defecting

September 18, 2008

ARG is out with a bevy of national and state polls in the past few days which are interesting, to say the least. In the national numbers :McCain is up 48-45. But the internals are really interesting for Obama: McCain has gained 14 points with Democrats and Obama has lost 13 points! No wonder team Obama is worried.

This is important - the poll shows a large defection from Team Obama, and nearly all of them are going to McCain instead of stopping in the ‘undecided’ column. McCain is now getting nearly 20% of Dems! And the numbers are too large to be a sampling error problem. The size can be argued, but not the movement. And it looks to be women doing the moving.

I am aware the biased Gallup Poll shows Obama up by 4 points.

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