Thursday, September 18, 2008

The approval for offshore Drilling is a SHAM- here's WHY


When the House Democrats appeared to reverse their long-standing ban on offshore oil drilling, the voters were hoodwinked again. At least, they hope you are fooled!

In August, Speaker Pelosi was beginning to feel the heat from a citizenry angered by high gas prices. Republicans were clamoring for an expansion in drilling. The voters overwhelmingly agreed. Remember at first she would NOT even allow a vote! The Republicans had to stay in the meeting under darkness because the DemoRATS turned off the light, to force them to go home & forget the vote!

She later was pressured to relent and notify endangered Democrats with thin electoral margins that they could publicly endorse offshore drilling. In other word, "Lie to voters that you support drilling!" Shame on her!!

Unfortunately, the electorate is not deceived easily. They continued to sign millions of petitions! Thus, she resorted to plan B. The other night, Queen Pelosi mercifully allowed a drilling bill to come to the floor for a vote. Her Democrats favored it. Republicans generally opposed it. Why?

Ostensibly, the bill will allow drilling as close to our shores as 50 miles in the Atlantic and the Pacific. "How much new drilling do we get out of this bill? It's zero. Just zero,"
declared House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio. "It's a hoax on the
American people. This is intended for one reason ... so the Democrats can
say we voted on energy."

But through all the shenanigans, Pelosi's bill will not bring us more oil for a reason that her environmental allies understand perfectly well. They know what Pelosi knows. Further oil drilling will be delayed in the courts for years to come. That has been ensured by the fact that such organizations as the Sierra Club and others plan to file HUNDREDS of LAWSUITS to BLOCK this drilling!

Again the Democrat's posture is symbol over substance- it's DECEPTIVE!

In the past when the Democratic leadership contend that additional offshore drilling would not produce more domestic oil, they knew why. Their allies in the environmental movement have lawsuits in place that simply will stop further drilling.

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