Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton secretly Undermining Obama?


I have said that earlier & still believe she & her staffers/core supporters are.

One insider said,"Well, she can’t endorse McCain outright, that would ruin her future chances at the Presidency,” “But she’s still blistering mad at being abandoned by her party and that this nobody from Illinois took her place.”

Inside sources claim the Former Hillary for President Campaign is now the Unseat Obama Campaign. They are telling people to keep acting like they support Obama, telling the pollsters they are for Obama - even put signs in their yard - and then vote McCain...

Bill Clinton ex-staffers were so afraid of her that nobody dares to upset her. According to secret service agent, once she , in a rage, threw a lamp at President Clinton.!

I tell you, if truth be known, she is still MAD at Obama!

If Obama wins, her chance of running & winning will be diminished. Tough to beat an incumbent President with hundreds of thousands of loyal government employees, who would fear loss of jobs should Hillary or a new politician is in White House.

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