Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama Scares Me

By: SW

I have watched and voted in several Presidential elections since becoming a naturalized citizen nearly 20 years ago. Never have I had such negative and ominous feeling for one of the major party candidates. In the 2000 election I thought Gore was a bully and a space cadet, but I did not associate him with evil. In the last election I thought Kerry was a fake and a blowhard, but I did not associate him with evil. But this time I can't help but associate Obama with evil. There is something dark and sinister about this particular candidate that not only repel me, but scare me. Even this new McCain ad about his Chicago background only explains a part of my fear for this man:

I think it was more than luck or mistakes on her part that Obama was able to beat Hilliary Clinton in the primary when Clinton was considered unbeatable. I wish I could put my hands on why Obama was so powerful. Do not underestimate this man. He can be turned back only by a massive turnout of Christians and Catholics, including those who identify themselves as independents, in all the swing states. If that does not happen, we are in for many years of deep darkness.

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