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The tough Question that may knockout Gov Palin & how I might answer it?


weeks ago, I was telling Sarah Palin's knockout question

Posted: September 22, 2008
1:00 am Eastern
Weeks ago, I was sharing with a dear friend about my concern that one day reporters, especially during a debate will throw out that controversial theological question ,"Do you believe that Jesus is THE only way to Heaven? What about other faiths? ..."
Well, today the worldnet daily shows the same worry i have. Let's hope this will not be brought up, & if it does, may God grant her the wisdom to know how to answer it tactfully.

Below is the article posted at WND:

And that's why, any day now, you can expect Sarah Palin to be asked a question designed to knock her right out of the race for the vice presidency.

It won't be a question about the Bush Doctrine.

It won't be a question about her teenage daughter.

It won't be a question about Alaska state troopers.

It won't even be a question about abortion.

None of those questions threaten to deliver a killer blow to her bid to be the first woman vice president in the United States.

But, even as you read this column, some devious, partisan hack of a reporter or producer is preparing to ask her a series of questions that could – if she's not properly prepared for it.

Here's the way it will go:

Reporter: You are a born-again Christian who is serious about your faith, am I right?

Palin: That's right. It's the guiding influence in my life.

Reporter: As such, you believe that only those who repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior go to heaven. Is that right?

Palin: That's what the Bible teaches. Yes.

(Then comes the punch meant to be a devastating body blow.)

Reporter: So, therefore, you believe that Jews and Muslims, Hindus and Bahais, Buddhists and pagans all go to hell. Is that right?

I plan to try my best to email someone to get my recommendation to Gov. Palin on how I would handle it. It might not be the ideal answer, but she needs to be as wise as serpents & harmless as doves.
I have not decided yet what 's best way to phrase it, but I might start by answering it something like this,"That's an interesting theological question, now I thought you believe in separation of Church & State, I feel that theological discussion should not have a part in a political debate. Before I answer further your question, would you mind tell me what party you are registered as, Democrat or Republican or?

Sorry, I sense this is a trap question, & have been warned by my advisor not to answer this type of theological question, because then there is a follow up question or another question about God or some interpretation of the Bible. There are disagreements on this question even among Christian denominations. That should be best left to the theologians, I think the audience would agree. It's interesting that reporters never asked similiar quwstion of Democrats and I have not heard any reporter asked Sen. Barak hussein Obama about the persistent rumor online that he was raised a Muslim by a muslim father. Do you on the panel wish to steer in THAT direction, let's be frank? It's not that I could not answer your question but it's such a complicated question, that would take too long to adequately answer & explain. So my answer is "Let's leave out this sort of question unless your reporters are willing to divulge your political affiliation to public scrutiny."

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Anonymous said...

I hope Christians would continue to pray for widsom and protection for Mrs. Palin. I will certianly do that, for both her and McCain. I sense that this is more than a regular election. It is moving in the direction of a spritual warfare.