Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How politicians & image makers brainwash you- my experience


Just as a business need to sell itself to the consumers, a political party or a campaign need to sell itself to you, the voter.

Guess what they hire all kinds of marketing experts, focus groups, political consultants to influence your feelings about them, I call it indoctrination or a form of brainwashing.
It's DECEPTION of the masses, pure and simple! The sheeples are gullible enough to swallow their messages hook line and sinker election year after election year!

The Democrats know very well that their strength lies in voters' feelings rather than analysis, and so they choose slogans aimed at creating fear of 'mean-spirited' Republicans, and avoid directly addressing specifics of policies. They create positive images that they are THE party who CARE for you, that they are COMPASSIONATE!
Most of these TV shows, panels are stacked up, and calculated to influence your opinion, and make the Democratic party look good and the Republicans look evil. I have been there on TV debates, and the moderator always interrupts me and cut me short. They don't want me to analyze the issue logically!

Republican conservatives have generally been far less sophisticated at this game. They are not as savvy in using slogans.

The Democrats and their allies in mainstream media (MSM) have paid great attention to image management, and with the help of their countless friends in the entertainment industry, they have become extraordinarily skilled at polishing their image. Look at the improved image of Michelle Obama from months ago! She is just like you, the average American woman!

To wit, Barack Hussein Obama's candidacy is built mostly on image, note how he employed more large scale theatrics (example a mass rally in Berlin or a teple for the DNC convention, ,"The Messiah has come to CHANGE your fortune..."

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