Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lessons from the California budget stalemate and mess- when will we ever learn?


Do you realize that California State government has increased spending by about 37% the last few years? Runaway spending, whether be in State or federal government will ruin it!
Arnold is right this time to veto the budget, because there's STILL too much PORK and waste in it. He should have listened to conservative Republicans & vetoed it the last time.

It's like a family who has spoiled the kids with luxuries all these years, now suddenly their extravagant lifestyle has landed them on hard times, yet nobody wants to give up their country club, fitness club, dining memberships! They are now spending ADDICTS, hard to CURE!

The Democrats, who has been in control, want to increase taxes to balance the budget, do they see that over 500,000 californiums have already moved out of their State? Numerous businesses are relocating to Arizona, etc.

We have one of the highest tax brackets in the country!
And they want to tax us MORE?!

The fact is for over 90% of the Democrats , they have never seen a tax they don't like!
The Obama- Biden ticket will only result in higher tax and spend policies, MUCH MORE PORK and waste, something that will destroy what little we have left in Washington!
Even George Bush is too much of a big government politician!
When will the people wise up & wake up?

I am not an Economist, but this is common sense!
If a family or a business operate like the government does, we will be out of a house or out of business!

The Democratic Party is ALL FOR Bigger and BIGGER government with more BLOATED BUREAUCRACY!

Demos like Biden wants to spend YOUR money, but he only spends an average of a few hundred of HIS money in charities every year!

Nuff said

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