Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Offshore Drilling? Where is the OIl?


As everyone knows, the Democrats are dead against offshore drilling at a time when a majority (67%) of people in the country are demanding offshore drilling to ease foreign dependence. Pelosi has said NO on many occasions. Then yesterday the Democrat-controlled House of Representative passed an offshore drilling bill. That allows newspaper headlines this morning like the NYT's "House Adopts Plan to Ease Offshore Drilling Ban". Are the Democrats having a change of mind?

No, that is not the case. This is a ruse to get voters to think that Democrats are pro-offshore drilling. The bill allows offshore drilling only beyond 50 miles of the coastline. But 95% of known oil reserve is located within 50 miles of the coast line. Go figure. Allowing offshore drilling where there is no oil.

Politic is a dirty business where sleigh of hand is common. Election year politics is even more so.

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Anonymous said...

the oil price is controlled by the republican party, you will see the gas price is down for the moment until the election is done, I guarantee you will see the price go up againt. If you want to let the same party to take this advantage on all of us, then we have no choice to let McCain to continue the Bush path. I know Obama is not a good experience one, but at least it's a hope. by letting the same party to run it for another term, it will only make us harder, worse image in the world, and oil price wll be continued up.
Frankly, I don't mind if republican run one more term because it's not going to be a easy term if Obama to run it, it's the worse time ever to be a president or party to lead this moment. But I just hated to see the same policy to run this country, it makes me lose face any time when I travel outside, people confuse what's happend to the US, the American image is getting down, our gas price lead everything price up, so much covered up on the financial statement, I am conservative too, but I don't like what had happend for last 8 year by the current party's run path, do you like to see this extend? otherwise why not to have a change, at least a hope, better than doing the same. Politican are all not trustable, Either Obama or McCain, but we must pick one, how? by the party, by the running path, at least we have seen the other party had a better result than the current when we looked back 8 years ago. shall we look at this at a bigger picture than just a single man? Please tell me why you want to support the Republican Vs. the other? I am a business man, and I like the republican policy because it benefit me on business die, but in overall, I have not seen a good life and good path of what lately this party is doing, we must give them pressure to correct the path back to the right one by this election. 4 year trial for a new chance, for a new hope may not be a bad idea. When we elected Cliton 16 years ago, we have the same idea about that young man without experience, but the result may come out better than we thought.