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Why Obama is for legalization of drugs


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Cover up of Obama’s drug use

While Obama’s communist and foreign connections are of serious and ongoing concern in Corsi’s book, his treatment of Obama’s admitted drug use has emerged as a special raw nerve for the Obama campaign and his media acolytes. They realize that many Americans, whose families have been decimated and destroyed by illegal drugs, may recoil at the thought of having an admitted user of marijuana and cocaine occupy the oval office.

The Attack Begins

Acting on information provided by a left-wing group known as Media Matters, which functions as an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party, the New York Times attacked Corsi for charging that Obama has “yet to answer” whether he ever dealt drugs and when he stopped, if indeed he ever did. The Times protested that Obama has answered that charge, at least the part about quitting marijuana and cocaine, by saying that he hasn’t used drugs since he was 20 years old.

The Times story defending Obama against Corsi’s book was followed by a Washington Post story attacking the author. The liberal media were forced to take note of the book because it became number one on the New York Times bestsellers list.

So why did Corsi raise the subject of drug abuse when it supposedly has been put to rest? It’s because, as an experienced investigative reporter, he knows that a few perfunctory denials, which could be expected from someone running for office, do not constitute any form of proof or convincing answer that he in fact ever did quit drugs. As Corsi has suggested in defending his book’s account of Obama’s admitted drug use, self-reporting by drug users about when they quit is notoriously unreliable. Every drug addict claims to have quit at one time or another. That’s what drug testing is all about.

Joyce Nalepka, president of Drug-Free Kids: America’s Challenge, points out that recovering cocaine addicts say that the high from cocaine is so intense that you never stop wanting it. She points to the case of former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, who was caught twice using cocaine. Barry was caught in one case as a result of a police sting and another because of court-ordered drug testing.

Don’t you believe Obama when he says he quit drugs? “No,” replied Nalepka. “And I didn’t believe Mayor Barry either.”

The Soros Connection

However, she does believe that, if Obama is elected, his backers in the drug legalization movement funded by billionaire George Soros will press for legalization of marijuana, cocaine and other dangerous drugs. Soros is a big backer of Obama and has contributed financially to his campaign.

During the Reagan Administration, Nalepka served as the president of the anti-drug group that Nancy Reagan served as honorary chair. She warns that Obama has “voted for at least two pro-legalization [of marijuana] bills” and that drug legalization advocates are spreading the word that Obama will not support federal enforcement of federal marijuana arrests. She said a questionnaire, which includes the question, “Do you support keeping drug possession, dealing and trafficking a crime?,” has not been answered by the Obama campaign. John McCain, on the other hand, vows to “uphold the law,” she says.

Even if Obama took and passed a drug test, Nalepka says she would never vote for him, explaining, “It appalls me at the thought that people would be naïve enough to vote for someone who admits drug use.” She says this view stems from 30 years of “watching parents wail and cry and talk about the hell their families went through” because of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs.

But the views of Nalepka and others in the campaign against illegal drugs have been ignored by media anxious to accept Obama’s word that he has quit dangerous mind-altering drugs.

George Soros and his Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) “have infiltrated our government(s) at all levels,” he warns, “and they effectively own the Democratic Party. We need a President who has the courage and wisdom to mandate random drug/alcohol testing in all schools for all kids in grades 6 through 12. That could happen with McCain. It will never happen with a Soros-backed Democrat at the helm.”

Another line of attack—that Corsi is doing the bidding of the Republican Party and the John McCain campaign—makes no sense because Corsi writes very critically of McCain and is a member of the Constitution Party, which is fielding its own presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin, this fall. Plus, Corsi’s editor at WorldNetDaily, where he writes regularly, is Joseph Farah, whose book, None of the Above, argues against Obama and McCain.

The pro-Obama media emphasize that the Corsi book is published by Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions, whose main editor is former GOP strategist Mary Matalin. The 40-page Obama report dishonestly claims the Corsi book is “brought to you by the Bush/Cheney Attack Machine.” But it is clearly the case that Corsi and Farah are independent conservatives who have no allegiance to the GOP.

Corsi has written a book on Obama for the obvious reason that there is little evidence that the major media are interested in uncovering or publicizing the hidden facts about him.

Source: http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2008/09

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