Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama has a HUGE judgement problem- here's proof!


I think this would make a great commercial

What do you think of a politician whose judgment leads him to believe that:

1. Illegal aliens should get driver's license (Hello! Everyone of those 19 attackers on 911 were illegals, some have illegal licenses)
2. women with babies in the womb for up to 9 months can abort them and if the baby survive the abortion , he/she should be killed
3. to hold his first fundraiser for political office at the home of a known, unrepentant bomber
4. to hold as close associates known terrorists and radicals
5. to adore a known communist as his mentor
6. to sit at the feet of a pastor who regularly spew hatred against America and Whites
7. to praise his cousin, a known mass murderer, at rallies in Nairobi, Kenya
8. to give Chavez and Castro face to face time
9. to allow his office staff to put on the wall a picture of the communist
Che Guevara
10. to tax you
28% on profit from all home sales, to restore the inheritance tax and add tax to pay for health care, etc.

Well, you got problem with someone with such terrible judgment?
You first read this HERE!
Then Nobama!

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