Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama hope this October investigation surprise will destroy Palin


The Alaska Investigator who is in charge of the so called "Troopergate" is an Obama suporter. The investigator has succeded in moving up the hearings and rushing up the investigation so a report can be released 4 days before the election for the media to digest.

Alaskan politicians are warning that the investigation has become a political circus of pro Obama supporters VS Republicans.

Palin will be smeared in front of the press 4 days before the election. It is over, Obama knows he will win with this. This is probably what he was talking over with Clinton today!

CNN just confirmed the date for the release of the report. It really helps when you have a pro-Obama endorser and supporter investigating the Republican VP candidate, am sure the report will be "fair"

It is unknown how such a last minute revelation wil impact the Election as many people change their vote the last minute. I feel the report will not be devastating or lethal to Palin, as I feel she has not done anything illegal.

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