Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Obama still hire racist Nation of Islam followers as key staff?


Don't believe a politician's words, but watch his ACTION &/or his vote.
Obama’s true inclinations can be seen in his choice of staff. According to columnist Debbie Schlussel, despite Obama’s campaign denouncement of Louis Farrakhan, Obama continues to employ a number of Nation of Islam members in high positions.

When a former associate of Obama’s raised objections to Nation of Islam acolytes being put in positions of power, “Mr. Obama’s position was that he saw nothing wrong with the Nation of Islam and didn’t think it was a problem.” If true, then Obama’s denouncement of Farrakhan is a transparent lie or a show to those who are gullible to believe every word of the Messiah.

One more evidence this Manchurian candidate is DECEPTIVE and DANGEROUS!

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Jesusfan said...

cant believe how racist and inaccurate this site has become - everything that Christ preached and worked for - you all have turned it around - what happened to the meek shall inherit the earth - is now that you liars are inheriting the earth