Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top 10 radio talk show hosts- my favorites!


#1 Rush Limbaugh 14.25 millions listeners per week
#2 Sean Hannity 13.25 mills
3. Michael Savage & Dr Laura
4. Glenn Beck
5. Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham
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10. Clark Howard (consumer advocate)
15. Dennis Prager

Frankly, I enjoyed listening to Rush, Sean, and especially Mark Levin at KSFO 560AM in the Bay Area . I don't necessarily agree with them on everything. Another one above is independent minded, gutsy, but I wish he listens more and does not talk down to his listeners. I love Clark Howard too on financial ! Dennis Pragers has great columns

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Oof the 38 talk show hosts listed in rankings from 1 to 13, most are conservatives including the ones I loved. Five are liberals: Ed Schultz (9th), Al Franken (11th), Randi Rhodes and Alan Colmes (tied at 12th) and Stephanie Miller (13th).
So the liberals control & dominate the TV networks, the press and the conservatives dominate radio, or the alternative media.

I was on radio for years, a lonely voice. Now we got Sunny, a lonely voice on politics in San Francisco.

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